Six Dance Lessons in Six Weeks

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Docler Entertainment organised yesterday evening at Utopolis Kirchberg the first Movie Premiere in Europe of “Six Dance Lessons in Six Weeks”.

The public debut of the co-American/Luxembourgish movie by Executive Producer Bruno Peter Gyorgy and Producers Gyorgy Gattyan and Andras Somkuti took place on December 12th, 2014 in Los Angeles.

The film was specifically mentioned at the Savannah Film Festival, since the film’s protagonist Gena Rowlands, the star of the 'Notebook' was honored with a Lifetime Achievement Award at the event.

The movie is based on the international hit play created by Richard Alfieri, which was played in 24 countries and in 14 languages. It is a touching and human comedy about a retired woman, Lily Harrison (Gena Rowlands), who hires a dance instructor, Michael Minetti (Cheyenne Jackson), to give her private dance lessons —one per week for six weeks— in Florida. What begins as an incompatible relationship turns into a strong friendship as the two people start revealing their secrets and inner emotions while dancing.

“I was truly moved by the script and believed the story line would strongly affect people. It is at the same time funny and sad, filled with all these different emotions we encounter throughout life. All in all it is really touching and this is why I decided to actively take part in it”, explains Gyorgy Gattyan, owner and founder of Docler Holding.

Read the press release in English.


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