Docler Holding makes a strategic investment in the SaaS AdSupply

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The investment by Docler will create opportunities for both companies to collaborate and share expertise in digital advertising infrastructure and platform management.

This investment confirms Docler’s strategy of focusing in three key areas that differentiate the group’s offering, i.e. technology, entertainment, and innovation.

Karoly Papp, CEO of Docler Holding, stated:

“AdSupply combines programmatic, Real-Time Bidding, and private marketplace transactions on a multi-screen environment required to impact key audiences in the future. Joining our forces with AdSupply, we’ll be able to further strengthen our IT capabilities.”

Justin Bunnell, CEO of AdSupply, said:

“The investment by Docler endorses the work we have done to build the AdSupply SaaS business and validates the opportunities we see in the future.”

“We look forward to working with the team at Docler Holding to expand our market reach and develop new AI technology to enhance media management capability and blockchain based ad verification.”

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About Docler Holding:

Docler Holding is a multinational enterprise, which counts more than 1000 employees worldwide. Created in 2001 and powered by the ideas and visions of young and enthusiastic Hungarian entrepreneurs, today Docler Holding boasts worldwide reach and a global presence. The Group develops and operates world leading websites in the live streaming industry and has also created a large number of highly diversified companies which experience ongoing growth in the fields of ICT, media and entertainment.

About AdSupply:

AdSupply is a publisher focused digital advertising software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform that allows websites to combine the control and protection of a premium private marketplace with a programmatic interface to connect with DSP real time bidding systems.


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