New Firms Introduced at Docler’s Second Portfolio Night

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Encouraged by the favorable response to the first Docler Portfolio Night, we held an exchange of ideas complete with introductions, talks, and presentation at our offices. Since last time new and old Docler Holding members strengthened their relationships, started developing and working together, and in some cases, they’ve even struck long-term deals. This time the team at DoclerWeb was the first to introduce itself at the event. Nabil Atiyeh, DoclerWeb’s technical director, highlighted areas the company tops nationally and regionally in addition to, of course, its leading server hall. ISVH head László Steiner attempted no smaller task than to explain induction heat treating and business opportunities stemming from it in just a few minutes. As the newest member at Docler, Katalin Ivánka presented the concrete products made by IVANKA, the company she founded. By rethinking the use of concrete, the company has garnered international attention and stunned observers with its concrete clothing items. In Escalion’s second appearance at the series, managing director László Bernáth discussed the possible direction of the online payment world. Presentations were followed by uninhibited conversation and the cheerful mood last well after 8 pm. We hope that much cooperation will come out of this great evening.


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