The HR and Labor Department Moved

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As we informed you before, the third floor lately is the site of constant commotion; the previously cavernous places are transforming into offices of fine design and several departments are moving up too.

Previously Zoltán Bernáth occupied his extremely elegant, new office and the team of Docler Investment continued their valuable acquisitions on the third floor. The Oranum team moved up too, Futuration also inhabited its new space, and Twisted Tribe took its new room the past few months as well.

You won't find the HR team in their old place any longer at the first story offices either, since they moved into their new spacious quarters to the third floor this August. Feel free to visit them there.

The Labor Department moved from Room 139 to Rooms 143 and 147/A today, where the two separate offices were unified to create a more comfortable work area. Previously Zoltán Horváth, Dániel Molnár and part of the HR team resided here. Premier Services are now taking Room 139.

Soon additional moves in the office building will create the best and most pleasant work conditions possible for the other departments too.


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