Richárd Rapport Became a Silver Medalist

Datum: 2012.08.21.< Vorheriges   Nächstes >

The 16-year-old Richárd Rapport won a silver medal on the U20 world chess championship in Athens. Rapport earned equal points as the first-place finisher Alexander Ipatov of Turkey, and only became second due to his opponents' overall scores of lower live point average. The young Hungarian talent made 10 point in the first 13 rounds and only suffered one defeat in the second half of the championship.

Richárd Rapport performed very positively on several occasions in the recent past. He has been listed among the Docler-supported talents since March, 2010, as a gifted young chess player, when he earned the International Master title. Since then, Richárd has been earning one medal after another all around the world in different venues. On behalf of the Holding, we wish Richárd continued success!


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