The Awarded Netlock

Date: 2013.10.09.< Précédent   Suivant >

This year’s Hungarian Quality Product Awards ceremony took place in the House of the Parliament. The Award may be given to such products and services, which through their activities have proved to be committed to quality and which lay special emphasis to produce uniformly high-standard products and to extend such services. NetLock, the newest member of our group is the recipient of the honorable recognition. The first Hungarian certification provider has been awarded due to the development of CityPass, the intelligent community card system implemented within the framework of a consortium. The CityPass system has been successfully used both in urban and university-wide environments since years. "According to the mission of the award tender, the recipients represent exemplary role models, which contribute to the development of the economy. Our recent recognition supports that we also belong to this special sphere, which gives me and my colleagues tremendous pride," said Ferenc Molnár, the Managing Director of NetLock Kft. in connection with the recognition. We congratulate on the appreciation!


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