Meetup at Docler's Offices

Date: 2012.04.11.< Précédent   Suivant >

In April Docler's office building hosted Budapest's JavaScript Meetup conference. The goal of the events is to allow JavaScript developers and those interested in the programming language to connect and to start professional dialogue. “Meetups” are held monthly and provide an extremely high quality professional environment for programmers. It is an unparalleled opportunity for the young members of almost 50 firms to share their experiences.

Beginner and advanced levels are both represented. April's Meetup saw József Pengő and Péter Neumark present their experiences with CoffeeScript, while András Bártházi talked about switching to mobile. After the presentations there is ample opportunity for uninhibited discussion. Docler participants will definitely make use of some of the new techniques they saw at the event.


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